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Taking the Guesswork out of Setting Rollers. The first Immediate instrument designed to measure the contact width (Nip) between two rollers.DIGINIP brings consistency to roller adjustment. Well set-up rollers are the foundation of good, consistent print quality and help prevent printing difficulties. Even the most up-to-date presses require accurately set-up rollers. Laborious checks with paper strips on inked rollers do not really belong to modern printing technology and can be subjective. A digital measured value of inking and dampening rollers with minimal deviation enables a reliable and reproducible roller set-up for the necessary operating reliability, optimal print quality and careful use of the rollers. Well set-up rollers live longer.

Benefits Include:
  • Dual sensors ensure rolls are parallel
  • Suitable for all rollers requiring a NIP setting & adjustment
  • It is not necessary to ink-up water rollers to take readings.
  • Improve productivity (by up to 50% more)
  • Save valuable time and simplify your set up
  • Suitable for sheet-fed or rotary machines
  • Eliminate problems of doubling, creeping, slurring, clogging, registering & mottling.

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