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Reliable technology based on our long experiences.
Planning and manufacturing of cutting-die

DAISO, as a leading manufacturer of cutting die for paper packages, has been providing the planning, the designing, and samples of packages since it was established. In order to cover flat-bed diecutting, automatic stripping arid blanking, and female stripping die systems, we have furnished ourselves with the state-of-the-art equipments in response to trends of the ndustry. The dieboards which we offer shall satisfy our customers with high quality and cost-effectiveness, which result in higher performance and better productivity at their factories.

Total support for diecutting process. Improvement
Proposal Products

Our motto is "Efficiency", "Economical" and "Environmental protection", and the starting point of DAISO products is in the spot where customers actually need solutions. We have been producing many items for diecutting process based upon our experiences and achievements since the beginning. Our challenge always starts from the moment earing what the customers' are wanting. Our original and unique ideas fully responding to customers needs are the driving force to produce epoch-making high quality products of DAISO.

[Blanking] Blanking system
For a big lot delivery, an effective and speedy blanking process is necessary.
We have developed a highly accurate blanking system and DAISO original
"Blank Guide" (patented), by which your blanking process will be surely improved.

Environmental Protect Material

The ultimate solution of Anti-Skid sponge! By using non
pollution material, no toxic gas when it's burnt.

* Prevent uneven cut or indentation.
* Capable of high speed operation.
* Prevent disjoint of sheet by enforcing nicks.
* Static protection, good for PP and PET sheets.
* Prevent dislocations of G-TAPE.
* No toxic gas when it's burnt.

Cleanly remove the dirt on stainless plate after
peeling off the G-tapes!

* Just Spray and wipe off the stainless plate, cleanly remove the glue dirt.
* Then the adhesiveness of the G-tapes will get stronger.
* G-Clean has citrus scent and no unpleasant odor.

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