Digi Blanket
Antimarking Nets
Digital Binding Machinery

SUPER BLUE Nets and Under-jackets developed to give high performance and quality

Base jackets used on the transfer cylinder underneath the anti-marking net
Velcro used for fixing
The base jacket is fitted around the transfer cylinder and the SUPERBLUE net is
placed over the top. The net is treated so that it does not absorb liquid.

Original - Blue base jacket and plain un stretched net
Original with stripe - Blue base jacket and un stretched net with antistatic stripe
Super Blue 2 - Black base jacket and pre stretched Stripenet. Stripenet nets must be used with SUPERBLUE 2 black base jackets

Manufactured to original US patent
Available in bags of 6 or rolls of 6 sheets
Base jackets sold individually or a press set
Velcro format in hook & loop in rolls 23 m x 16 mm

Suitable for
Heidelberg, Aurella, Komori, Miehle, Multi Eagle, Omsca, Shinohara, Solna
Special system SUPERBLUE 2 LT for Komori Lithrone 20", 26" & 40”

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