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Our wash-up blades are manufactured to fit perfectly on old and new presses alike. They are resistant to chemical attack from inks and solvents and are highly efficient and durable.  Excellent wash-up results reduce the amount of wash-up chemicals needed and press down-time.

Available for the majority of offset sheet-fed, web and continuous form presses in either metal/rubber or plastic format. Each blade is packaged in a plastic sleeve with the machine reference for easy identification.

• Moulded rubber tip chemically bonded - no breakdown.
• Size and style specification guaranteed.
• Accurate fit first time - no adjustment required.
• Corrosion proof steel.
• Chemical resistant rubber and plastic.
• Individually packaged in protective sleeve.

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Ink Wash Up Blades developed to give excellent performance in all conditions Strong chemical resistance to current inks and solvents
Requires regular replacement tonsure quality printing.
Manufactured with ground, sharp and straight wiping edge
Available for Sheet-fed offset, web offset, continuous form and label printing machines
Standard sizes in stock, but any size for old or new machines can be produced to order
Types of blades
- Rubber or polyurethane vulcanised onto steel
- 100% rubber, polyurethane or plastic
- Composite product from metal/rubber, plastic
Blade profile designed for specific press, ground for accuracy
Rubber/polyurethane profile bonded directly onto steel Stainless metal parts - no corrosion
Materials specially selected to give maximum resistance to chemical and wear resistance
Flexible production allows us to produce special sizes and materials at competitive prices.

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