The advancement of the Paper Drilling to the semi and fully automatic machines has resulted in the requirement for Paper Drills of the highest quality and performance.
The DURABIT range of Paper Drill Bits has been developed, using the latest technology, to give optimum drilling performance and life when converting a wide range of papers, boards and laminates ideally suited for today’s print finishers.


• REPRO Paper Drill Bits are manufactured in one piece of specially developed alloy tool steel.
• Both outside and inside diameters are treated with a special abrasive compound giving a smooth finished surface. This helps to reduce resistance as the drill passes through the paper and also assists the drilled waste to pass up through the centre of the drill stem.

• Razor sharp finished cutting edge and wax coated for protection until the drill is required for use.
• Diameter of the drill is clearly etched on the drill collar.
• The DB brand is clearly marked on the drill collar as an assurance of quality.
• Own brand marking is available for volume orders upon request.
Paper Drill Bits suit a large range of Paper Drill machines.

• The diameter of the Paper Drill Bits can be matched to the size of the required hole.

• Paper Drill Bits are suitable for use on manual, semi-automatic and automatic drilling machines including single and multi-headed drills.
ERB high duty paper drill bits are known worldwide. They guarantee absolutely perfect holes and are suitable for highest speeds. They have a perfectly concentrically drilling and guarantee easy emptying.

ERB paper drill bits are available from ø 2 - ø 60 mm cutting diameter and can be operated in any drilling machine anywhere in the world. Our paper drill bits can be ordered with different degrees of hardness and with different coatings so that they can be used for different purposes.

The Standard- respectively Euro - Heavy Duty Hollow Paper Drill Bit is made of a high quality tool steel which guarantees a long tool life with a high edge retention.

All paper drill bits with cutting diameters between Ø2mm - Ø8,5mm are made with a Ø11mm shaft.

If desired we also can produce them with cutting diameters between Ø9,0mm - Ø10,0mm with a Ø11mm shaft, otherwise we use a Ø16mm shaft for paper drill bits with cutting diameters between Ø9,0mm - Ø14,0mm!

All paper drill bits that are clamped at the bundle have a bigger cutting diameter than Ø15,omm!

Paper Drill Bits

           Suit a large range paper drill bit machines
          Diameter of drill bit can be matched to required hole
          Suitable for use on manual, semi-automatic or automatic machines
          Single or multi-headed machines.
  • Range
    • Available in 8 main styles to suit all drilling machines
    • Manufactured in both imperial and metric
    • Dimensions from 2.0 mm to 22 mm and 1/8" to 1/2"
    • Standard HSS steel for paper, board or laminate applications
    • Special surface coatings are available
      • Tungsten Carbide Detonation - long life drill, reduces wear and keeps its cutting edge
      • Teflon coated - reduces frictional heat whgen drilling laminate
      • Titanium coating - Hard wearing drills for heavy boards, recycled papers and laminated materials
    • Punched also available.
Drill bits manufactured from HSS steel
Both outside and inside edges polished for smooth surface
Sharp cutting edge wax coated until use
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