Digi Blanket
Antimarking Nets
Digital Binding Machinery
SUNDRIES Cleaning Felts, Plastic Wedges

Key consumables at affordable prices

Ink Knives
Manufactured from Polypropylene material to maximise durability, flexibility and solvent resistance
Set of 4 knives to a box either 45mm or 70 mm width, in Red / Yellow /
Blue / Black
Dampening Felts
Absorbent felt pad for Heidelberg Press models Quick master 46 & 46DI
Doctor Blades
For both flexographic as well as gravure applications
Manufactured in a range of steel and thermoplastics
Wiping edges in square, radius, and lamella style tips
Plastic wedges usedfor separating the paper pile
Manufactured in strong, long lasting Polypropylene material
Only 3 sizes suit entire press range
Smooth and strong lead edges makes using them easy.
Compressed Sponges
Compressed sponges for plate cleaning and general printers use.
High quality sponge compressed for storage
Available in 3 commonly used sizes

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