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Prolong the life and improve the working properties of your blankets and rollers with our extensive ranges of specially blended blanket and roller washes.
ABC Wash
is a water miscible, one-step blanket and roller cleaner, which incorporates rubber rejuvenators. It can also be used for the removal of most UV inks and for quick colour changes.
is widely recognised as the most effective blanket and roller rejuvenator on the market. It breaks down and removes all traces of varnish, friction glaze, gum glaze, ink and pigment deposits (whether wet or dry) and paper lint. Blast will appreciably prolong the life of blankets and rollers.
is a concentrate water miscible mixture of solvents and detergents, designed for cleaning damper covers. It will quickly remove ink, varnish, paper lint, gun etc and leave the fabric of the sleeve conditioned.
is an economical water miscible and roller wash designed for everyday use. It has excellent ink removal properties and, when mixed with water, removes gum glaze, lint and other water soluble matter (Baldwin approved)
News Wash
is specifically developed for the newspaper printing industry. News Wash has a low odour and high flash point but with high solvent strength.
Blankets are the be-all and end-all of the offset printing business.
As a true blanket specialist, we offer a comprehensive assortment of blanket qualities for any offset application.

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All blankets are converted in our production facility ready to use on any press type.
Schematical cross-section:
1 micro-ground surface
2 stabilizing fabrics
3 microsphere compressible layer
4 waterproof, high-tensile fabrics

Technical data:
3-ply or 4-ply, compressible
Farbe: turquoise
micro-ground, 1,0 µm
Shore hardness: 83°
Micro hardness: 71°
6,7% @ 100 N/cm²
<1,0% @ 20 N/mm
Tensile strength:
>75 N/mm
1,70 mm, 1,95 mm
Ref. n°:
010860 (1,70 mm)
010861 (1,95 mm)

Only clean machines give the sharpest print!

No matter how good your printing press, any print job can be ruined if the blanket isn't kept clean. That's where the authorised Dupont Sontara® PrintMaster is most effective. It's a high quality blanket washcloth which not only guarantees your print run is of the highest quality, but can cut waste and downtime. To achieve this quality of wash with a second grade material, is not possible. You would need more washes, use more cloth, and in the end incur more costs.

Jumbo rolls and mini-rolls available from stock for all popular press sizes.

Most varied paper types are used today in web printing. The flexibility of BIRKAN Challenger allows you to print both on coated paper as well as on conventional newsprint paper. Its micro ground surface guarantees constantly clean dot reproduction and excellent ink transfer.

Due to an extra-thick compressible layer based on microsphere technology, the blanket shows excellent smash resistance and reduced vibration.

A waterproofed fabric construction protects the blanket from intrusion of solvents, fountain or dampening solutions, thus extending the life of your press. The extremely stable carcass provides minimum gauge loss and high blanket durability. This blanket is especially recommended for high-speed web offset.
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