Digi Blanket
Antimarking Nets
Digital Binding Machinery

Dirt removers applied on printing plates

Reliable and affordable press replacement parts

  • Hickey Pickers
    • For removing contaminants from printing plates
    • Manufactured from high quality steels, rubber, polyurethane and plastic materials incorporating OEM specifications.
    • Available to suit many press makes and models
  • Grippers
    • Grippers for feeder and delivery systems
    • Available with standard steel, rubber and polyurethane tips
    • Available Heidelberg range of presses, others by request.

    Ink Duct Blades

    • Used to control flow of ink through the duct onto the ink duct roller
    • Manufactured in steel and available with/without backing/mounting plate
    • Zonal ink duct blades available for many models.
    • Available for leading press makes

    Ink Duct Seal Ends

    • Pair of left & right seals in teflon & Felt for use on Varn Kompac system
    • 4 sizes produced in high quality PTFE compound to exact spec ensuring 100% seal of duct
    • Available for a range of presses
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