Digi Blanket
Antimarking Nets
Digital Binding Machinery

Key consumables at affordable prices

  • Ink Knives
    • Manufactured from Polypropylene material to maximise durability, flexibility and solvent resistance
    • Set of 4 knives to a box either 45mm or 70 mm width, in Red / Yellow /
              Blue / Black
  • Dampening Felts
    • Absorbent felt pad for Heidelberg Press models Quick master 46 & 46DI
  • Doctor Blades
    • For both flexographic as well as gravure applications
    • Manufactured in a range of steel and thermoplastics
    • Wiping edges in square, radius, and lamella style tips
  • Wedges
    • Plastic wedges usedfor separating the paper pile
    • Manufactured in strong, long lasting Polypropylene material
    • Only 3 sizes suit entire press range
    • Smooth and strong lead edges makes using them easy.
  • Compressed Sponges
    • Compressed sponges for plate cleaning and general printers use.
    • High quality sponge compressed for storage
    • Available in 3 commonly used sizes
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