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Anti-Marking Film & Paper

Anti-marking film & paper are good solution for perfect markless transfer of wet ink to transfer cylinders of sheet-fed presses.

  • Uniform silicon beads based on the quality polyester film and specially treated paper.
  • Easy, accurate and quick set up.
  • Dimensional stability and durability.

Features & Benefits:-

Anti-marking film & paper are products which features pure silicon beads bonded to a polyester backing or specially treated precision paper backing.

Anti-marking film & paper provide an extremely effective solution to the problem of marking, which are coated with uniform,microscopic silicon glass beads.When fitted to transfer cylinders, it will replace other forms of anti-marking device.

  • Easy, accurate and quick setting up.

  • It performs dimensional stable and durable.

Usage Instructions:-

Simply cut in transfer cylinders size.

For example-

Size-750 x 525 for SM72 or KORD, Or Size-1050 x 750 for SM102, Anti Marking paper can be applied on the cylinder surface with self-adhesive tape. For Anti Marking Film it is with self-adhesive back treated, and you can just cut it in size and put on the cylinder.ANTI MARKING PAPER AVAILABLE IN SHEETS & ROLLS (46"-1160MM) ANTI MARKING FILM (ADHESIVE & NON-ADHESIVE) AVAILABLE IN SHEETS & ROLLS (41"-1040MM)

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